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Since starting out in 1967 Oxford Aunts Care has built a reputation for providing excellent live-in care. We have strong word-of-mouth referrals and the positive feedback we get from family members and clients is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our team.

Below are just a few examples of the feedback we receive. 

Help with mobility

Donald’s father, Henry, has Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia. Previously fiercely independent, having led an active working life abroad, Henry was faced with increased mobility problems, greater risk of falls and the well-documented effects of dementia. Donald lives over an hour from his father so had a camera installed when he started to have some nasty falls.

I noticed that he became very obsessed about security; at 1am he’d be roaming and checking the windows were closed. Around the same time, I realised my father wasn’t eating or drinking properly and he was eventually hospitalised with severe dehydration”, explains Donald. It was obvious that Henry needed full-time care.
It’s very reassuring that Dad is in a familiar environment. Despite the scope for ‘activities’ being limited now, he enjoys watching TV and gets out in his garden to enjoy a cup of tea under the willow tree – where he’s appreciated many pleasurable hours over the years.

Living with dementia

Mr. S is an elderly gentleman with profound dementia who is unable to care for himself.

Oxford Aunts attended a case conference with his geriatrician and day centre manager and he was cared for at home for a further eighteen months.
We were delighted that Alison was our first carer. She was a big help setting the whole thing up and helped iron out any teething problems.
Mr S’s daughter

Short-term holiday care

Lady C, a 96-year-old frail lady with memory loss, who had been a previous client, wanted to come home from her nursing home for two weeks’ holiday.

Oxford Aunts liaised with her occupational therapist and nursing home and put three carers with full manual handling expertise into Lady C’s home.

My mother thoroughly enjoyed herself. The team gave her a very happy and successful fortnight’s holiday back at her home; she did very well indeed. 
Lady C’s daughter

Post-operative convalescence

Mrs K was in her 80s when she had a hip replacement and required help when she returned home from hospital.

We assessed her whilst she was still in hospital and an Oxford Aunts carer went home with her and helped her get back on her feet again.

We both found Ellen an admirable carer and felt that we had greatly benefited from her week’s stay here. 
Mrs K’s son

Assisting loved ones 

Mr A, a previous client, was frail and unwell. His wife needed help looking after him again.

We carried out an immediate re-assessment and a carer was assigned to provide much needed support. The following day Mr A was admitted to hospital for a blood transfusion. When he came home, the carer spent each day with him, helping with personal care, ensuring he ate and drank sufficiently and generally giving reassurance.

The Oxford Aunts staff went above and beyond the call of duty, giving 110%. We couldn't have asked for better care.
Mr A’s wife

Live-in care for a couple 

A series of carers were supplied to enable Mr and Mrs B to remain at home together for a further two years.

Our carer was a terrific support to the family. She dealt with all sorts of things, like plumbing problems, without difficulty and always had my Aunt and Uncle's best interests at heart. 
Mr and Mrs B’s niece

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