What is Live-In Care?

No place like home

It may be a cliché, but there really is no place like home. Familiar surroundings, our own belongings, having relatives and friends near-by and loved pets all provide comfort that cannot be replicated elsewhere. The reasons why people require live-in care all differ, but the desire to remain at home is the same.

With live-in care you get to stay in your home while a carer comes to live with you 24 hours a day. As well as providing whatever one-on-one essential support you need they will also provide companionship. The carer fits in around the client's daily schedule and will assist them with social activities.

It may simply be that you can no longer do as much for yourself and need help with personal care, cooking, mobility or getting to appointments or it may be that you have more complex support needs. Live-in care can cater for all of these. It is an increasingly popular and cost effective alternative to residential care. There is also overwhelming evidence that live-in care provides a far better experience for the majority of people than other types of care.

Oxford Aunts Care is a founder member of The Live-in Homecare Information Hub. It provides further information about live-in homecare services generally, care options, real stories, finance and legal advice and a report - No Place Like Home - which highlights why live-in homecare is a real alternative to residential care.

Have a look at the Better At Home 2016 report – it emphasises the benefits of Live in Care

Our carer was a terrific support to the family. She dealt with all sorts of things, like plumbing problems, without difficulty and always had my Aunt and Uncle's best interests at heart. 
Mr and Mrs B’s niece

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