Job description of live-in carer

Below is a typical job description for a live-in carer with Oxford Aunts Care.

Title: Live-in Carer

Reporting to: Care Manager

Current pay rates: Current pay rates are between £616 and £658 plus holiday pay per week.

Summary of the role: To assist clients with the personal care and domestic tasks they find difficult or can no longer perform for themselves and provide companionable and social support when required, according to their care plan.

Duties: The role combines elements of housekeeping, social assistance and personal care, in varying degrees, according to client requirements. Assignments are assessed in line with the domestic and social duties plus the care skills set out below. Therefore, each assignment is unique in terms of client requirements and the pay on offer.

Level One

    • Menu planning, shopping and meal preparation for clients and/or guests
    • Light domestic duties
    • Personal laundry/ironing
    • Pet care
    • Plant care/light gardening
    • Arranging social diary
    • Attending social outings with client
    • Visiting friends and family
    • Attending church
    • Money management as per care plan
    • Minimal assistance with personal care and/or dressing/personal grooming
    • Prompts to take medication as per plan
    • Responding to occasional night calls for general reassurance
    • Minimal assistance with mobilising and transferring
    Level Two

    • Assistance with personal care and/or dressing/personal grooming
    • Assistance with toilet care
    • Responding to night calls for care needs
    • Dealing with a slight degree of memory loss and/or depression
    • Dealing with intermittent periods of frustration, anxiety or agitation
    • Assistance with medication as per care plan
    • Minor procedure requiring signing off by a medical professional
    • Assistance with manual handling
    • Preventative pressure area care
    Level Three

    • Full assistance with personal care and/or dressing/personal grooming
    • Full assistance with toilet care including incontinence
    • Full assistance with manual handling including hoists
    • Basic catheter care
    • Pressure area care for immobile client
    • Dealing with communication problems
    • Dealing with memory loss
    • Dealing with frustration and irritation
    • Dealing with anxiety and agitation
    • Basic stoma care
    • Advanced procedure requiring sign off by medical professional
    • Dealing with dementia and/or challenging behaviour
    • Post operative care following elective surgery or hospital discharge
    Level Four

    • Complex procedure requiring signing off by a medical professional
    • Dealing with profound dementia and/or challenging behaviour
    • Post operative care following major surgery
    • End of life care 

    Interview, references, police checks and induction training: A job offer will only be made after a positive interview outcome, receipt of satisfactory references and the relevant police checks, plus successful completion of our one week induction training.

    Terms of engagement: Our terms of engagement provide for a contract to exist between you and Oxford Aunts for the period of each assignment that you may undertake.

    Your care skills level: Your care skills will be assessed at interview and you will only be offered assignments up to your skills level. You will be given the opportunity to review your skills level at regular intervals. Please note the pay on offer is determined by the assignment level and not by your skills level.

    Standards: Our organisation aims to comply with the Fundamental Standards of Quality and Safety drawn up by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You will be required to work with us in meeting and maintaining these standards. In addition, we are regulated by the CQC and are reviewed and inspected by them on a regular basis.

    Probationary period: There will be a twelve-week probationary period from your start date of working on assignment with us.

    Client assessment and review: We undertake a home visit and carry out an assessment of needs and a health and safety risk assessment for all clients before placing any care workers with them. These assessments are reviewed on a regular basis or according to changing requirements.

    Ongoing training and supervision: You will be supervised on a one-to-one basis approximately every 12 weeks. You will also be required to undertake, update and participate in ongoing training. Training sessions are paid at the current rate plus reasonable travel costs.

    Duration of assignments: Short-term relief, minimum of 2 weeks. Longer-term assignments can last for up to 12 weeks or longer.

    Hours of work: You will be working on assignment for 7 days per week for an agreed daily average number of hours. The average daily hours will vary depending on client requirements and the level of care they might need. Generally, you might expect to be working for an average of 8 to 10 hours per day, but this will be discussed and agreed with you before starting an assignment.

    Time off: You can expect to have three hours each day off in assignments up to three weeks. In assignments lasting over three weeks, you can also expect to have eight hours off on one of the days each week from the third week onwards. There is no longer break on the weeks before and after taking a holiday.

    Payment times and method: Your pay will be calculated at a daily rate and will be paid each week on receipt of a signed pay claim by the BACS system direct to your bank account.

    Tax and National Insurance: We will make all the necessary deductions for tax and national insurance from your pay.

    Public holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, new year’s eve, new year’s day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, two spring and one autumn public holiday are paid at double the daily rate.

    Holiday pay: You will accrue holiday pay whilst working on assignment in line with the Working Time Regulations.